Zac's Tracs - Snowmobile Specific Avalanche Training!

Zac’s Tracs is internationally recognized for their success in the promotion, development and delivery of avalanche safety programs for the snowmobile community.

We are backcountry snowmobilers that truly enjoy the sport. Our training courses, website and newsletters are dedicated to raising the bar on the level of avalanche education within the sledding community. Our participation in national and international training sessions and conferences ensures that our training materials and methods are truly top quality.

With the improvements in technology sledders are PLAYING A NEW GAME….WE NEED THE NEW RULE BOOK.

Using our past experience as a substitute for formal education may have worked yesterday.

Not true in today’s reality.

Not only are our machines getting us into serious terrain, we are now there during some of the periods of nature’s highest instability….during or immediately following a big snowfall. No question, this is best time for sledding, however nature often hasn’t had a chance to adjust and strengthen.

Zac’s teaches life saving skills of observation to empower you with the information to make better decisions. We have the same goals as you… we want the best riding day possible and to return home to our family and friends.


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Our mobile training services offer classroom and field based programs throughout Canada and the USA. Lori Zacaruk and Randy are graduates of the Canadian Avalanche Association’s Level 2 Industry Training Program for Snowmobile Operators. This CAA program is the first of its kind in the world.

Sledders that work with Zac’s Tracs learn skills and habits that make them an asset to every group they ride with. This practical experience can save the lives of family and friends.

Zac’s Tracs is the proud recipient of excellence awards from the Canadian Avalanche Association, the Alberta Snowmobile Association and the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations.

Over the past 16 seasons Zac’s has worked independently and as a contractor with Avalanche Canada (formerly the Canadian Avalanche Centre) and the Alberta Snowmobile Association to reach over:
• 45,000 school students
• 1000’s of snowmobilers at tradeshows in Alberta, British Columbia & Saskatchewan
• 8,400 adults in classroom presentations
• over 3,000 snowmobilers have completed their AST Level 1 training with Zac’s Tracs

Lori & Randy Zacaruk were invited by respected avalanche researcher, Dr. Bruce Jamieson, to assist in the revision of the CAA endorsed “Sledding in Avalanche Terrain” course manual.

As a co-author Zac’s contributions of snowmobile specific references and images added great value to the project.

Our classroom programs evolve each year utilizing a combination of activities including snowmobile specific images, video, ~50 page color workbooks, case studies, interactive classroom and hands-on practical activities.

To further increase the value and enjoyment of the field exercises Zac’s provides snow study gear and props for rescue scenarios. We have access to a full variety of avalanche rescue tools and safety gear for demonstration purposes and student use.

“What have YOU got to LOSE?!
INVEST in yourselves this season.
You have the gear, now is the time to learn to use it.”

Zac's Tracs - Vision and Mission

Who we are, what we intend to do and how we intend to do it.


To support and inspire mountain snowmobilers throughout the world to be recognized as respected and responsible backcountry users.


To be a world leader in avalanche and backcountry safety in the snowmobile community through a profitable and inspirational series of on-line and off-line training programs and resources.


To save lives by inspiring and empowering backcountry snowmobilers to take active steps to gather the information, skills, strategies and equipment to make the most of the activity while maintaining an acceptable level of risk. We all have the same goals: to enjoy the best riding possible and to return home safely to our family and friends!


To save lives through the development and promotion of innovative and engaging training materials, program delivery methods and resources to support and inspire backcountry snowmobilers, at work or at play, to make life long changes to the way they manage their backcountry activities leading to capable, prepared and responsible riders.

Why Choose Zac's?

Zac’s instructors have taken advantage of many local and international opportunities for training. In addition, we are very grateful for the mentorship, support and guidance that has been offered to us over the seasons by Canadian Avalanche Center and its forecasters, Chris Stethem, Beacon Manufacturer’s product specialists, the Calgary chapter of the CSPS and the University of Calgary Outdoor Pursuits program leader, Albi Sole.
The connections with these organizations has continually kept Zac’s ahead of the curve.

We are located in the Alberta foothills SW of Calgary. While there is not much for motorized access nearby, our location has worked to our advantage. Our snow starved area near Calgary has encouraged (more like forced) us to ride the Rocky Mountains from Chetwynd to the Crowsnest Pass and further west into a variety of eastern and central BC communities.
Climate and terrain characteristics work together to create unique snowpack structures and avalanche characteristics. We have benefited and enjoyed the learning opportunity each season to recognize and test these comparisons as we travel the circuit of communities.

Currently we teach in a large variety of communities throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and eastern British Columbia. We have taught a few classes in Idaho, Washington and Minnesota as well.
Discussions have been made regarding programs in the Yukon, Alaska, and Norway & Sweden. Fingers crossed!!

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May 2015 – CAA AGM & Spring Conference, Penticton, BC
Sept 2014 – Avalanche Canada Instructor Training, Banff, AB
Sept 2014 – International Snow Science Workshop, Banff, AB
Aug 2014 – Consulted on BCSF / BCPSC Safe Rider program
May 2014 – CAA AGM & Spring Conference, Penticton, BC
July 2013 – Co-author – Sledding in Avalanche Terrain, Book Revision
Aug 2013 – Consulted on BCSF / BCPSC Safe Rider program
May 2013 – CAA AGM & Spring Conference, Penticton, BC
Sept 2012 – International Snow Science Workshop, Anchorage, AK
May 2012 – CAA AGM & Spring Conference, Penticton, BC
Feb 2012 – Consulted on ADFAR Online Survey
Feb 2012 – Level 2 Mod 1&2, Golden, BC
Nov 2011 – Level 2 Mod 1, Golden, BC
Nov 2011 – Consulted on ADFAR Intercept Surveys
Sep 2011 – Advanced Wilderness First Aid Course, Canmore, AB
Sep 2011 – CAA Avalanche Hazard Mapping, Golden, BC
Jun 2011 – ASA International Snowmobile Congress, Calgary, AB
May 2011 – CAA AGM & Spring Conference, Penticton, BC
Apr 2011 – Train the Trainer Workshop, San Diego, CA
Mar 2011 – IKAR – International Commission for Alpine Rescue, Revelstoke, BC
Feb 2011 – Genswein Advanced Avalanche Rescue Training, Valemount, BC
Jan 2011 – CAA ITP Snowmobile Operations Level 1, Revelstoke, BC
Nov 2010 – Communications Workshop, Los Angeles, CA
Oct 2010 – International Snow Science Workshop, Lake Tahoe, CA
Sept 2010 – Marketing & Web Development Workshop, Los Angeles, CA
Summer 2010 – Reviewed Alaska Avalanche Information Center Paper
May 2010 – CAA AGM & Spring Conference, Penticton, BC
June 2009 – Train the Trainer 2 – Peak Potentials – Los Angeles, CA
May 2009 – CAA AGM & Spring Conference, Penticton, BC
Sept 2008 – International Snow Science Workshop, Whistler, BC
June 2008 – International Snowmobile Congress – Boise, Idaho
May 2008 – CAA Introductory Weather Course, Penticton, BC
May 2008 – CAA AGM & Spring Conference, Penticton, BC
April 2008 – Train the Trainer 1- Peak Potentials – Vancouver, BC
Nov 2007 – CAA AST Provider Training Session – Banff, AB
Summer 2007 – Co-author – Sledding in Avalanche Terrain, Book Revision
June 2007 – World Snowmobile Congress – Minneapolis, MN
Feb 2007 – Observer Instructor – AST Level 2 Course – Revelstoke, BC
Dec 2006 – AST Provider Training – ASARC Research & the AVALUATOR – Canmore, AB
Nov 2006 – Forecaster Training sessions – CAC – Revelstoke, BC
2004 – 2006 Board Member to the Canadian Avalanche Centre
2005 – 2006 Level 2 Industrial Training Programs, Modules 2 & 3 Canadian Avalanche Association – Golden, BC
May – 2006 CAA AGM & Spring Conference – Penticton, BC
Nov 2005 – Guest speaker – CAC – Backcountry Avalanche Workshop, Calgary, AB & Vancouver, BC
Jan 2002 – Test Group – CAA Level 2 Module 1, Golden, BC
Dec 2001 – Canadian Ski Patrol Instructor Training, Calgary, AB
Nov 2001 – University of Calgary Instructor Training, Kananaskis Country, AB
Dec 2000 – Canadian Ski Patrol Instructor Training, Calgary, AB
Nov 2000 – University of Calgary Instructor Training, Kananaskis Country, AB
Jan 2000 – Snowmobile Safety Instructors Course – Portage College, Lac La Biche, AB
Jan 1999 – CAA Snowmobile Operations Level 1
Dec 1998 – Introductory Avalanche Workshop, Cochrane, AB